Fayte was abandoned by his parents at the monastery of Sehanine. This
is unusual amongst the Elves, and has caused Fayte no end of
consternation, wondering who were his parents and why they left him
with the monks. Still, the monks of Sehanine are not like your placid
and uninteresting monks of Bahamut or Ioun. No, this monastery was a
short way from a major trading route, and ran a thriving inn for canny
travelers who honored Sehanine. These folk tended to be scouts and
adventurers, thieves and rogues, elves, half-elves, and even some
humans and halflings. They had many stories to tell around the fire,
and Fayte soaked them up. Of course, the stories were inflated,
exaggerated, and influenced by the strong Sehanine wine, so Fayte does
not know nearly as much about the world as he thinks he does.

What he does know is single combat. Abandoned by his parents, he took
up Sehanine as his surrogate mother. The monks had a strict regimen
for him, and as he grew more skilled they began to view him as their
blessing from their Goddess, a divine messenger meant to do great
things in her name.

Still, they found him the best trainers, and would often trade a
night’s lodging for a sparring session with particularly tough looking
travelers. Through this, Fayte began to believe the monks praises
himself. Though he seeks glory, he does it in the name of his
Goddess. She has appeared in his dreams, although whether these are
true visions of a Goddess or the nighttime wandering of an idle mind
who thought about little else, Fayte does not know. He does know that
it is his mission to honor her. When he was 18, after a particularly
powerful dream, he left the Monastery to seek his fortune and to seek
the honor of his Goddess. He left under the cover of darkness because
he knew the monks would not have thought him ready. He didn’t care.
He felt he was ready, and anything he didn’t know he could learn.


FACS WilsonDeGreat