Galinndan was one of a dozen or so newborns abandoned by their parents on
the steps of the wizard school eighteen years ago. The arcane
practicioners conducted the usual tests, measuring the girls’ ear
length and the girth of the third toe of the boys. The one or two
that passed entered the ardous wizard training program. Galinndan’s
toe was far too small to be selected for training, so he was instead
adopted by a family of street sweepers that was in need of cheap

As a youth, Galinndan spent his days toiling alongside his father to
clean the city streets. His nights were far more interesting, filled
with vivid and exciting dreams. Every sleeping moment was filled with
images and stories depicting the history of the world. Galinndan
rememberd little from these dreams, but the bits and pieces he could
recall were so captivating that he frequently snuck away from his work
for naps, which inevitably led to vicious punitive beatings his
father. Though he could neither read nor write, by the age of 10,
Eldrith had subconsciously absorbed more knowledge and lore through
his dreams than a eladrin scholar could acquire in a lifetime of

On his 16th birthday, Galinndan was finally eliglbe for adult pay
grade, which his father celebrated with a long lunch at the street
sweepers guild. When he caught Galinndan napping that afternoon, his
alcohol fueled rage led to a particularly nasty beating. Nearly dead,
Galinndan mumbled a few strange words that he vaguely recalled from
his most recent dream. At that very moment his father appeared to
instantly burst into a big ass fireball. The story spread quickly
though the town and the wizard teachers, suspecting they might have
mis-measured Galinndan’s toe so many years ago, brought him into the
school to join the other mages in training.

Galinndan didn’t like school. He found reading and writing to be slow
and tedious and slept through most of his clases. Despite this, he
excelled in his tests. Summoning daggers at will well before his
peers and occasionally showing hints of power that exceeded that of
even the most accomplished students. Nonetheless, Galinndan knew that
school was useless for him, as he learned far more information, far
more quickly, through his dreams. The elder wizards were puzzled by
Galinndan’s dreams and many were envious. It became clear that
Galinndan had some strange power they had never seen before.
Realizing that wizard training was useless for him, and that street
sweeping was not very cool, Galinndan pondered what to do next…

One fateful evening, Galinndan had his most vivid dream ever. He
awoke with the acronym “FACS” firmly implanted in his conscience.
When he was approached the next day by an agent from Famous
Adventurers’ Correspondence School, he knew he must accept the
invitation. He was further swayed by the favorable male/female ratio
and the opportunity to expand his network.


FACS skeebop