Our Story So Far

Eyulen is a walled city with an enclosed area totaling roughly half a mile. The population of 12,500 (some research indicates that’s a realistic number, as insane as it sounds to me) is mostly crammed into the southern half of the city. The Northwest is dominated by the sprawling campus of the Famous Adventurers’ (yes possessive) Correspondence School, and is also home to many merchants and artisans. The Northeast is home to a few very wealthy merchants and minor nobles who have been drawn to the city for a variety of reasons; Most seeking the security offered by the well-maintained city walls and highly capable city-guard but several attracted by the vast distance from the seat of local government (and law enforcement) in yet-to-be-named-city to the far south. Finally, the Southeast is the poorest section of town, with beggars on every corner and a large cemetery which sits against the southeastern wall, accompanied by a Church of the Raven Queen, easily the largest such building in the city..

The Famous Adventurers’ Correspondence School (henceforth FACS), was founded by Sir Aric “Famous Adventurer” Adventurado nearly 150 years ago. In that time it has earned a reputation as one of the finest vocational schools for would-be-adventurers in the known world. Every year, the school’s countless secret agents\scouts extend 50 invitations to a highly select group of candidates. These candidates undergo rigorous testing in real-world environments to hone their adventuring skills to a keen edge. Fewer than 20% of candidates survive the first year of training, and fewer still go on to be officially acknowledged as Graduate Adventurers.

Currently, the school is overseen by Dean Aric Aricssonsonsonsonsonsonson (Dean Aric, for short), the 7 times great grandson of Sir Aric himself. Assistant Dean Mordan, however, is more involved with the day to day operation of the school, and the general mood about the city is that he is the brains behind the school’s continued success.

Recently, the school has been asked by the Queen of Mireviren herself to train several elite squads of her Queensguard, although these have yet to arrive in the city.

Your characters are members of the 148th class of FACS. Your initial assignment to investigate the apparent murder of a noble’s son sent you into the sewers beneath the city. While the rats you encountered (and subsequently slaughtered) were no surprise, the goblins you stumbled on later most decidedly were.

Making quick work of the goblins, you discovered a blasted out hole in the sewer wall which opened into a hollowed out cave with a large hole in the middle. Descending the ladder into the hole, you discovered an entire underground complex including a barracks, chow-room, armory and war-room. In the chow-room, you met Globnour, the goblin chef, who told you there was a dwarf named Morgan who is marshaling an army of goblinoids to invade Eyulen and that the underground complex was the staging area. In the war-room, you found a great many maps detailing Eyulen, Mireviren and unknown locales. Gallindan’s 31 history roll interpreted some of the maps to be indicative of a vast underground city, encompassing nearly the entirety of Mireviren.

Having dispatched an entire garrison of goblins, gathered a great deal of intelligence and even managed to play with dynamite, you returned to FACS to report your findings. Mordan did not seem terribly surprised about the underground ruins on the maps, but was most disturbed by the presence of an organized group of goblins so close to the city. He asked you to return to the ruins, explore more, and gather as much intelligence as possible. He also referred to the alarming disappearance of many adventurer candidates, and even graduate adventurers. It was a very bad first day for the 148th class of FACS.

Upon returning to the ruins, you pilfered the rest of the maps in the war-room (tossing them in your magical bag of teleportation) and discovered a small room, guarded by a particularly vicious, unidentifiable creature and a not-particularly-vicious pseudodragon. After killing the creature, and charming the pseudodragon, you ransacked the room and discovered two books, a sealed letter and several pieces of loose parchment as well as some treasure. The writing in the books and parchment was in Davek and Balazhad, and each contained diagrams and maps, some of Eyulen, some of Mireviren, and some of unknown areas.

Leaving the room, you followed a tunnel for several hours. Along the way, the tunnel ran through several large, open rooms, filled with crumbling stones and broken pillars; clearly more underground ruins. Eventually the tunnel intersected with a shorter tunnel leading into a small barracks area, home to several hobgoblins and goblins, and one very loud banging noise. During the battle with the goblins, Frankenstein burst out of his prison\torture chamber and tore into the goblins; quickly decimating them. He largely ignored your party and headed up the main tunnel.

After a brief rest, you followed the creature’s path of carnage, passing at least 20 dead hobgoblins before the tunnel emptied out into a large, circular, domed room. A ring of columns about halfway into the chamber reach up to a domed ceiling and surround a sunken pit about 30 feet across. There is a circular pattern of runes on the floor of the pit. The light in the chamber seems to emanate from the walls, as no direct source is visible. While Gallindan can’t quite puzzle out the specific purpose or powers of the runes, he is able to discern that they are some sort of an immensely powerful variation of a standard Linked Portal ritual. He recalls reading about a series of chambers like this one scattered around the world, all interconnected and supposedly serving primarily as a sort of rapid transit system for the long-forgotten race that created them. No one alive, to Gallindan’s knowledge, has been able to figure out how to use them, however.

Fayte noticed a faint wheezing sound coming from behind a pillar, and there Thald found Frankenstein, cut nearly to ribbons from hobgoblin swords and spears. The creature seemed to breath its last breath, and the party now must decide where to go from here.

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